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novembre 11, 2016 - Red Bull

Quotes Corner: Check out some of the best new athlete quotes you may have missed

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"I’ve been surfing this wave of good vibes and happiness since the last race and it’s been a rollercoaster that never ends. It is an amazing feeling and to receive this prestigious trophy is incredible and very nice for me." – Newly crowned World Sailor of the Year Santiago Lange.

Street Style Football

“I am absolutely stunned. I would never be able to do what these players are doing. It’s an achievement really.” – Eight-time Premier League champion Gary Neville after judging Red Bull Street Style in London.

Street Style Football

“After losing several times, I was discouraged but my heart told me you have to try again. I wanted to prove I could win, and I got it.” – Carlos ‘Charly’ Alberto Lacono from Argentina after winning Red Bull Street Style.

BASE jumping / Surfing

“It was so crazy to #surf like that, after two years of dreaming about it. It was insane to be on a board at that speed, at a height of 600 metres.” – BASE jumper Anicet Leone on surfing over a ravine at 75 kph. 


“I just really wanted to win. That will to win was all it took to get my ass the title.” – NuckleDu after being crowned champion at Red Bull Battle Grounds in Seattle.


“Chicago! You all know how to put on a parade! The most incredible thing I've ever been apart of! Thank you!” - Kris Bryant after helping Chicago Cubs end their 108 year wait for the World Series title.

Endurance Racing

“Brendon was flying today and Timo’s middle stint was really nice. It was an amazing day for Porsche and we are really happy to have contributed to it.” - Mark Webber after helping Porsche retain the manufacturers’ World Endurance title.


“I feel so sorry for my fantastic team. We had 4 outstanding years! Thanks for their passion and support! Don't worry about me, we'll see us again.” – World Champion Seb Ogier after his Volkswagen team announced they are to leave the WRC in 2017. 

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