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aprile 06, 2016 - Yamaha Racing

Yamaha Shapes Up for 24-hour Endurance Shake Down in Le Mans

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The GMT94 #yamaha Official EWC Team and YART #yamaha Official EWC Team are geared up and ready to start the 2016 FIM #endurance World Championship (EWC) season at the #lemans Bugatti circuit this weekend. The two official #yamaha teams come equipped with their brand-new endurance-spec #yzfr1s to take part in 24 hours of non-stop #racing action from Saturday 3PM to Sunday 3PM during the 39th edition of the famous 24 Heures Motos in #lemans.

After almost seven months of waiting since the last #endurance race, the 2015 Bol d'Or, the GMT94 #yamaha Official EWC Team is eager to get back on track with an exciting new rider-line-up, consisting of David Checa, Louis Rossi and Niccolò Canepa. They will be guided along the way by Team Manager Christophe Guyot, who's leadership already rubbed off on 'endurance rookies' Rossi and Canepa when the team secured the fastest time of the second day in wet conditions during the official pre- #lemans test last week.

The YART #yamaha Official EWC Team will also be up for the #endurance World Championship challenge again this year. The first day of pre-season testing at the #lemans circuit already saw some a glimpse of YART's YZF-R1 strong pace, which saw them set a new track lap record for the #endurance class at the Bugatti circuit last year. The Austrian team returns to the scene more determined than ever to position themselves as a key protagonist and can't wait for riders Broc Parkes, Iván Silva and Max Neukirchner to kick off the season.

The #lemans Bugatti circuit was built in 1965 around an already established 24-Hour track and is dominated by slow corners. Late braking, hard acceleration, and rear end traction are essential at this circuit, which offers plenty of overtaking possibilities that the fans don't want to miss out on.

The opening race of the season is also the longest featured on the 2016 #endurance calendar and forms the ultimate for the riders who are confronted with 24 hours of grueling action, uncertain weather conditions, and visibility problems during the hours between dusk and dawn. All the while it is crucial for the riders to maintain their focus whilst maneuvering around a 998cc machine that weighs 172 kg, because every second counts.

To make this highly-intense race easier for the riders to cope with, the YZF-R1 has been modified. Not only is the weight and size reduced, but also the sturdiness and performance are enhanced. However, #endurance bikes remain heavier than the short-distance race bikes, because of the lights on the bike for riding in the dark, a bigger tank that holds more fuel and the heavier bodywork for extra durability.

The GMT94 and YART team will be joined in the Formule EWC class for this extremely challenging race by fellow #yamaha teams 'Motobox Kremer Racing' and the 'Maco #racing Team'. In the superstock class #yamaha will be represented by 'Yamaha Viltais Experiences' and 'Slider Endurance', as well as five other non-contracted teams.

Can't attend the spectacular 24 Heures Motos #lemans event? Fret not! #endurance fans can keep up to date on the #racing action by keeping a close eye on #yamaha Racing's social media channels. It's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channel will not only be filled with live updates on track action, but will also feature quotes from riders and team managers and the latest imagery. Additionally, these pages and the #yamaharacing Youtube channel videos will be updated with videos that show what goes on at this iconic #event both on track and behind the scenes, so fans don't have to miss a thing.

Christophe Guyot - Team Manager GMT94 #yamaha Official EWC Team

"We know where we are with the bike and we are competitive. Our three riders are very fast and they did many tests at many circuits and we feel ready for the race. The riders are very excited and motivated and this translates to being fast on the bike, which we know very well by now compared to last year."

 David Checa - GMT94 #yamaha Official EWC Team Rider

"The pre-season was really good, we test a lot of things, and I think we are ready for the victory! The target for #lemans is to win, but will see at the end of the race... For me the strong point of the YZF-R1 is that the bike is well-balanced and ready for the victory, everything is fit for that!"

 Louis Rossi - GMT94 #yamaha Official EWC Team Rider

"The pre-season test was interesting because we improved a lot and I feel confident in our YZF-R1 2016 model. We did some really good lap times at every circuit that we tested at, so these are positive points. We worked on all the things I didn't know yet; the #endurance style, the tracks, and how to set up the bike for three riders. Now I feel completely ready and I can't wait to start the 24 hour race in #lemans."

 Niccolò Canepa - GMT94 #yamaha Official EWC Team Rider

"The pre-season test went very well. We did the best lap time on wet conditions in #lemans, which means that we are ready for the race! The expectations for the 24-hour race are really high, the whole team is feeling very confident about this race, especially after the good results of the pre-season tests. The bike has a lot of strong points. Personally, I like the most its handling. It is very light and easy to ride. This will help us not to get too tired during the race."

 Mandy Kainz - Team Manager YART #yamaha Official EWC Team

"The pre-season testing was a bit of a mixed #event for us due to the changeable conditions at the #lemans circuit. However we are confident in the bike and our riders. They have shown their strong pace last year, so I think this strong package will allow us to get good results this weekend."

 Broc Parkes - YART #yamaha Official EWC Team Rider

"I'm really looking forward to the race, it feels like too long in between races. Unfortunately we haven't had too much off season testing because of bad weather, but we can tell the YZF-R1 always works well in #lemans and it's a track I like. I think we have one of the strongest teams ever. It's a 24hour race so anything could happen, but for sure we want to try and win."

 Max Neukirchner - YART #yamaha Official EWC Team Rider

"Our pre-season test went well and not so well because in dry conditions we are very good and fast and we have a good feeling on the bike, but in the wet we need to find a better setting. Last year we were laying in second position and were very strong. This year we are strong again and I hope we have some more luck."

 Iván Silva - YART #yamaha Official EWC Team Rider

"I'm very happy to be back in the company of the YART team. We're a strong and fast team, but the weekend will be long. I hope we can bring out the best of our YZF-R1 and finish the race without any problems. I think we have the whole package so, if we keep focused, we have the potential to fight for at least a podium place. We can't wait to meet the #endurance fans and work hard so we can show what we've got during the race."

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