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ottobre 13, 2016 - Peugeot

The Peugeot Rally Academy heads for Catalonia!

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There is little time for rest in Jose Antonio Suarez’ programme with the Peugeot #rally Academy! Just two weeks after their disappointing conclusion to the Tour de Corse, ‘Cohete’ Suarez and Candido Carrera are determined to shine on home turf in their 208T16. Out to erase the disappointment of Corsica The Spanish pair still needs to convert the speed they have shown since the beginning of the season into a tangible result as they prepare for their sixth outing of the season with the #peugeotrallyacademy and the only mixed-surface fixture of the 2016 world championship calendar. Until his retirement on the French island, Jose Antonio Suarez figured inside the top five to demonstrate both his and the 208T16’s potential and mix it with the class’s other factory drivers! The aim in #catalonia is to do the same thing and show more of the talent he showcased in a similar car in 2015. The same competitive instinct! The winner of last year’s 208 #rally Cup has high hopes for his home #event: “This #rally is special for me, just as the other WRC2 rounds have been. It will be our second attempt at this #event in the 208T16 and that should help us compared with the other rallies which were all new to us. We intend to do all we can to score the best possible result for everyone at the #peugeotrallyacademy.”

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