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ottobre 26, 2016 - Mercedes-Benz

Tales from the paddock - Chantal Kroll: "As for 2017, we're obviously hoping for a successful defence of our title in the 24H Series"

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Only three more races before we find out who is to be the 2016 Formula 1 world champion. After the spectacular US Grand Prix at Austin, the Silver Arrows are busy preparing for next weekend's #mexicangrandprix.

  • This is what happened: Weekend's results & facts
  • News from the Mercedes-AMG motorsport teams
  • Three questions for Chantal Kroll
  • Social media news: What's new online?
  • This week's important dates and events

This is what happened: Weekend's results & facts

  • Formula 1: A one-two win for the Silver Arrows in the US Grand Prix at Austin - #lewishamilton registers his 50th GP victory while Nico Rosberg takes second place
  • VLN: Nico Bastian, Maximilian Buhk and Clemens Schmid finish fourth for AMG Team HTP Motorsport

News snippets 
Statistics after the US Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton and the USA - the perfect fit. For the third year in a row and for the fourth time in total, Lewis won last weekend's race at the Circuit of the Americas. In fact, it was his fifth victory in the United States, as back in 2007 he won the last Formula 1 race to be staged on the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But even before Lewis and Nico Rosberg secured the one-two finish in Sunday's race, the team already had cause to celebrate on Saturday as Lewis claimed a third successive pole at Austin for the team - although the man starting from P1 in the previous two seasons had been his team-mate Nico. But that's not all: Lewis's qualifying lap of 1:34.999 minutes was the fastest pole-setting time in the history of the Circuit of the Americas. 
Amazing 'Garage Experience': The whir of the wheel guns, a conversation between a driver and his engineer, the roar of an engine starting up - F1 fans can now experience all of these sounds thanks to an authentic audio sequence from Bose. The Mercedes AMG Petronas Garage Experience presented by Bose made its debut at the 2016 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. The fans enter a virtual version of the Silver Arrows garage and are subjected to a new dimension of motorsport experience, just as if they were standing in the middle of it all. In the run-up to the race weekend at Austin, Nico Rosberg and #lewishamilton also tried it out and experienced the sound of #racing as never before. 

Three questions for Chantal Kroll 
Chantal, as a member of the Hofor #racing squad, you've made nine podium appearances in the 2015 and 2016 24H Series, lifted the Ladies' Cup on two occasions and won a total of seven titles driving an SLS AMG GT3 - that's an impressive record. What is the secret of your success? 
Chantal Kroll: There are multiple factors. We are a family-run team and are therefore under less pressure to succeed - although obviously it's more enjoyable when you do succeed! My father and I engage in an internal family contest at each race, which gives us both an added incentive. At the same time, though, we're pleased for each other whatever the outcome. In Kenneth Heyer and Christiaan Frankenhout, we have two fast and experienced drivers in the squad. The two of them also coach us and sometimes give us the necessary kick up the backside. In this way, we learn more with each #event. Widberg Motorsport, our team, also play an important role: the perfect preparation of the cars as well as the support they give us at the track guarantees a high level of reliability. And last but not least, the SLS AMG GT3 - it's sturdily built and able to cope with situations that would bring the race to a premature end for some other cars. Added to which, it's fast and it handles well. 
You've driven it exclusively in 12- and 24-hour races. What makes these endurance events so special for you, and what was the best experience you've had? 
Chantal Kroll: The special attraction is the team experience. Firstly, I'm sharing the car with other drivers who want to be the fastest on the track. Secondly, I have a crew who are passionate about being the fastest in the pit lane and in refuelling the car. In addition, we have our strategy experts, the tyre team and the kitchen team - they are all working towards the same shared goal. I had some nice experiences in 2016, such as my first ever final stint in the 12H Mugello. Taking the car across the finish line and parking it under the podium was really memorable. The funny thing was that my father climbed onto the SLS AMG GT3 for the ride along the pit lane and I had to drive in such a way that he wouldn't fall off. 
Ahead of the last race this season, the 24 Hours of Brno, you had the opportunity to test the new Mercedes-AMG GT3. What were your impressions, and what are your objectives for the 2017 season? 
Chantal Kroll: My first laps at the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 were a lot of fun and went smoothly, though of course I'll need more time to get used to the vehicle. The gullwing is iconic, but it was immediately obvious that the Mercedes-AMG GT3 represents a step forward. As for 2017, we're obviously hoping for a successful defence of our title in the 24H Series.

Social Media News 
QuizTime: The mechanics are perhaps the unsung heroes of the Silver Arrows team. We travelled with them to the US Grand Prix at Austin, Texas, and put their knowledge of Formula 1 to the test with a quiz. Did they answer all our questions correctly? 
Watch video clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V1tQJja-5A
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LewisGetsInked: It's #lewishamilton as you've never seen him before. He is the main character in a highly original production from Epson - LewisGetsInked. The Silver Arrows driver is the star of an amusing commercial made by team partner Epson. The action-packed video was filmed in the team factory at Brackley. In the course of the entertaining comedy, Lewis glides in slow motion through a flurry of paper before being showered by jets of multi-coloured ink. 
Watch video clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX6SEGwjawY
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2016Season: For the more than half a million fans who watched the 18 races live at one of the nine tracks hosting the DTM 2016, this past season featured a brilliant debut winner, a fantastic quadruple success, spectacular charges through the field, impressive rookies and much more besides. We look back at the top moments for the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team during the 2016 campaign. 

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