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novembre 17, 2016 - Yamaha Racing

Tomorrow’s MX Talent Shape Up For 2016 YZ125 Cup Masterclass

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Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. is taking the training of tomorrow's top #yamaha MX talent to the next level this weekend. Eight YZ125 Cup riders, who were selected after their performance at the YZ125 Cup SuperFinale on Oct 8th, will be trained by 2008 MX Premier Class (MX1) Champion #davidphilippaerts and other off-road and motorsport professionals at this weekend's Masterclass at the Ottobiano track in Italy. At the end of the week #yamaha Motor Europe N.V.'s #racing committee will announce which of these ambitious youngsters will join the MJC #yamaha Official EMX125 Team in the 2017 European Motocross Championships EMX125 class.

Over the course of the 2016 #racing season, top #yamaha MX-talent from across Europe competed on YZ125 bikes in their respective national motocross championships to qualify for the SuperFinale at the Veltins Arena in Germany. After the #event, top-six riders Calvin Fonvieille (16 years old/France), Tim Edberg (15 years old /Sweden), Jeroen Bussink (15 years old /The Netherlands), Arvid Lüning (15 years old / Sweden), Nicolo Folli (15 years old /Italy) and Rasmus Holm (15 years old / Sweden) and wildcards Hugo Johansson (15 years old / Sweden) and Gervasio Cañas (15 years old / Spain) were selected for the three-day Masterclass where they will receive professional training.

As a part of the Masterclass, Philippaerts and MJC #yamaha Official EMX125 Team will teach the young YZ125 Cup riders what it takes to ride on an international championship level. They will receive classes on top sport dieting, working out, the technique behind the YZ125, and the best way of training on various surfaces with their bikes to improve their riding skills and allow them to tap into their full potential.

At the end of the Masterclass, #yamaha Motor Europe N.V.'s #racing committee will deliberate on which YZ125 Cup rider will become the teammate of bLU cRU riders Erik Elzinga (14 years old /The Netherlands) and Thibault Benistant (14 years old /France) in Yamaha's MJC #yamaha Official EMX125 Team.

The YZ125 is the ideal bike for young MX riders with a strong ambition. Its explosive engine power and ultra responsive aluminum chassis makes this lightweight 125cc 2-stroke is fit for competing at the highest level. For more information on the YZ125 bike visit Yamaha-Motor.eu.

To stay up to date on the latest YZ125 Cup Masterclass news, keep an eye on #yamaha Racing's media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the YZ125 Cup pages on Yamaha-Racing.com. For more photos of the Masterclass, please see #yamaha Racing's YZ125 Cup gallery.

David Philippaerts

2008 MX Premier Class (MX1) Champion and DP19 #racing #yamaha Official MX Team Manager

"I'm looking forward to starting the very first YZ125 Masterclass. The incredibly close SuperFinale race in Germany already showed how high the level of the YZ125 Cup riders is. The eight riders selected by #yamaha are all really fast and it is very exciting that I get a chance to work with them to further develop their potential during this weekend's three-day Masterclass. To make it to the top in off-road #racing you need motivation, skills, knowledge, technical know-how and the right material. In terms of determination and skills, I think we have nothing to worry about because these young riders have plenty already, but during the Masterclass we aim to make them grow even more. We want to offer the riders a unique experience and the chance to absorb as much information and new techniques as possible. It will be hard work, but we will have a lot of fun - this is also an important part of racing!”

Alberto Barozzi  bLU cRU #racing Manager

"An exiting experience awaits these young bLU cRU riders and their parents. Ottobiano's motorsport multi-track area offers a good opportunity for these riders under the professional guidance of #people like #davidphilippaerts and the MJC #yamaha Official EMX125 Team and they will be followed step by step by #yamaha Motor Europe N.V.'s staff. After this week and we will have a perfect insight into these riders skills. In the next few days the YME #racing committee will announce who will be a teammate of bLU cRU riders Erik Elzinga and Thibault Benistant in our MJC #yamaha Official EMX125 Team to compete in the 2017 EMX125 Championship. It's a good step for the riders to make their dream come true."