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marzo 28, 2017 - Yamaha Racing

Persson's Enduro Junior Debut Marked By Top Three Result in Finland

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Starting the 2017 FIM #enduro World Championship on the right foot, Johansson #yamaha Junior #enduro Team saw their rider #mikaelpersson battle through tough conditions to claim a strong third place class result on day one at the EnduroGP of Finland.

Following a long winter of hard work and preparation Persson and the team kicked off their 2017 #enduro World Championship campaign during what proved to be a long and tough weekend of #racing around Finland's frozen Lake Paijanne. For the young Swede this was his debut GP in the #enduro Junior class of the series. With freezing temperatures and an average of eleven hours on the bike per day, the season opening EnduroGP proved to be a challenge for all competitors.

Taking advantage of his familiarity to Scandinavian #racing conditions, Persson remained consistently fast during the opening day of competition in Finland. Putting in competitive times throughout the day, he posted the second fastest time in his class during the day's penultimate special test. Earning third on day one the WR250F mounted rider showed he has the speed to battle for the top in the #enduro Junior category.

With conditions changing on the second day of #racing in Finland, Persson suffered a series of small mistakes that forced him to settle for sixth in the uner 23 class. Collecting valuable points Yamaha's official representative in #enduro Junior is now placed third in the class' provisional championship standings.

Mikael Persson and the Johansson #yamaha Junior #enduro Team will return to action in Puerto Lumbreras, Spain, with the second round of the 2017 #enduro World Championship taking place on March 21/23.

Untitled #mikaelpersson Johansson #yamaha Junior #enduro Team rider

3rd Day 1 / 6th Day 2

"It was a long and difficult GP and I'm happy we got on the podium. To be honest, conditions on day one were similar to what we have back home in Sweden and I felt a lot more comfortable to push. I got a decent pace and managed to do my own race for third in the Junior class. Then on day two things changed. With many slippery stones and loads of different lines to choose from, you had to take more risks to go fast. My plan was to make a big push for the top in the morning, but in the third special test I had a crash and lost a lot of time. That kind of set me off pace and it was difficult to find my rhythm afterwards. With this #event being so special I'm happy with our results in Finland. The series is now heading to Spain, where hopefully conditions wll be closer to what we're used to."

Results - 2017 FIM #enduro World Championship, Round 1, Finland

Enduro Junior - Day 1

1. Eemil Pohjola (FIN), Husqvarna, 3:03:09,47

2. Davide Soreca (ITA), Honda, 3:11:03,21, +07:53,74

3. #mikaelpersson (SWE), #yamaha, 3:11:17,38, +08:07,91

4. Kirian Mirabet (ESP), Sherco, 3:13:10,11, +10:00,64

5. Antti Hanninen (FIN), Husqvarna, 3:13:15,94, +10:06,47

6. Henry Olenius (FIN), Honda, 3:13:54,22, +10:44,75

18. Antoine Magain (BEL), 3:28:59,94, +25:50,47

Enduro Junior - Day 2

1. Eemil Pohjola (FIN), Husqvarna, 2:15:54,08

2. Davide Soreca (ITA), Honda, 2:20:42,59, +04:48,51

3. Henry Olenius (FIN), Honda, 2:20:47,91, +04:53,83

4. Adam Anderson (SWE), KTM, 2:20:55,83, +05:01,75

5. Antti Hanninen (FIN), Husqvarna, 2:20:56,61, +05:02,53

6. #mikaelpersson (SWE), #yamaha, 2:22:38,40, +06:44,32

15. Antoine Magain (BEL), #yamaha, 2:30:14,35, +14:20,27

2017 FIM #enduro World Championship Standings (After Round 1)

Enduro Junior

1. Eemil Pohjola (FIN), Husqvarna, 50pts

2. Davide Roreca (ITA), Honda, 44pts

3. #mikaelpersson (SWE), #yamaha, 35pts

4. Henry Olenius (FIN), Honda, 35pts

5. Kirian Mirabet (ESP), Sherco, 32pts

6. Antti Hanninen (FIN), Husqvarna, 32pts

16. Antoine Magain (BEL), #yamaha, 9pts

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