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aprile 02, 2017 - Honda Racing

Bigger and bigger: Toni Bou increases his legendary status with an eleventh X-Trial Championship title

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Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou’s extraordinary honours list was lengthened further tonight in Nice, France where he became FIM X-Trial World Champion. This is the eleventh time the Spanish rider has been garlanded with the honour, taking the total of world championship titles in indoor and outdoor to 21.
The Repsol Honda Team ace arrived at the Palais Nikkaïa in Nice firm favourite to win both the event and the overall title as he had done at the three previous outings in Barcelona, Wiener Neustadt and Marseille. Tonight Bou was proclaimed ‘King of Nice’ too after rounding off a perfect season in the indoor discipline.
Toni Bou put on a dazzling display of high-level riding prowess in the glamorous French city to claim victory on the day with no penalty marks. At the end of qualifying, the Montesa Cota 4RT rider had already mathematically sealed the title with the points necessary to take him through to the final.
In the final itself, Bou was clearly enjoying himself. With the win, the champion celebrated a full-house of wins in 2017 that takes his tally of wins in this competition since February 2016 to seven.
Toni Bou’s eleven X-Trial/Indoor titles plus the ten in the outdoor discipline add up to a total of twenty-one consecutive titles, a unique achievement, not only for motorcycling, but unmatched in virtually any other sport.
Repsol Honda Team companion Takahisa Fujinami was unable to reach his objective of qualifying for the final and accompanying team-mate #tonibou on the podium. An error in section two sealed Fujigas’ fate and the Japanese veteran missed out on the final cut by two points. Jaime Busto, the third member of the Repsol Honda Team, in spite of not participating, was present alongside team-mate Bou as the fellow Spaniard collected the eleventh X-Trial title.

In X-Trial, Bou has won 52 trials, more that any other rider in history and has beaten almost every record by impressive margins. In spite of this, Bou is as hungry for victory as he was when he surprised the world in 2007, clinching the indoor title by winning half of the year’s trials. From then on, #tonibou installed himself on the X-Trial throne and has remained there ever since.
Watch the 75 GP’s of #tonibou in a graphic image.
Toni Bou has scored 80 points, the highest possible score in the season.
Watch the road to the 11th World title.
The last time that #tonibou missed out on a podium finish in an X-Trial world championship was in January 2007 in Marseille.
Toni Bou has totalled 52 triumphs out of the 75 occasions in which he has participated for the Repsol Honda Team in the Indoor/X-Trial world championship.
The most recent time when #tonibou failed to win top honours in an indoor event was in Sheffield, UK on 9th January 2016.
Of the 75 indoor events Bou has clinched 64 podiums (85.3%)
Of the 75 indoor events Bou has won 52 times (69.3%)

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