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giugno 29, 2017 - Bac

BAC and Autodesk ‘Art Car’ Mono to debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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  • Briggs #automotive Company (BAC) has joined forces with #autodesk to create the ‘Art Car’ Mono
  • Intricate #design shows airflow over the car and mimics the #autodesk CFD simulation tool recently used to improve and develop Mono
  • Exclusive #mono to be shown at global seminars and exhibitions to showcase technology and innovation
  • The car will have its public debut at the 2017 #goodwood Festival of Speed taking centre stage on the #bac stand

Briggs #automotive Company (BAC) has teamed up with #autodesk to create a brand new #artcar. #autodesk makes software for the #automotive, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries, and its CFD software was used to develop elements of the #mono supercar.

The #design of the paint-scheme was inspired by #autodesk simulation tools, especially its CFD software – essentially a virtual wind tunnel that allows designers to visualize airflow over a 3D model. The resulting livery shows the results and provides #mono with one of the most intricate designs to have left the Liverpool factory.

The #mono #artcar will be displayed at the #autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Birmingham but first it will take pride of place on the #bac stand at the #goodwood Festival of Speed.

BAC Co-Founder and #design Director, #ianbriggs, said: “Good #design is at the heart of #mono and is paramount in everything we do at #bac. Having worked with #autodesk for many years, it is a pleasure to create something as beautiful as this #artcar. Not only is it one of the most striking and intricate #mono colour schemes we have ever created, it also shows the intelligent #design of #mono and how we use #autodesk software to help create the perfect car.” He added: “Mono fans will be able to see the car at the #goodwood Festival of Speed and we can’t wait to show #people how good the car looks.”

More information on the press release

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