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Toyota Gazoo racing unveils GR GT3 Concept and GRMN Yaris as embodiments of making ever-better motorsportsbred cars

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Chiba, Japan, January 14, 2022―TOYOTA GAZOO #racing (TGR) and Lexus are exhibiting the following vehicles and parts at #tokyoautosalon2022 at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City) from today to January 16.

GR GT3 Concept

TGR is committed to further accelerating customer motorsports activities to make the world of motorsports sustainable. Promoting "driver first" car development and with a desire to provide attractive cars that customers participating in GT3, which is the pinnacle of customer motorsports, would choose, TGR has unveiled the GR GT3 Concept.

As was the case with the GR Yaris, by commercializing motorsports cars rather than simply adapting production vehicles for use in motorsports, TGR intends to use feedback and technologies refined through participation in various motorsports activities to develop both GT3 and mass-production cars and further promote making ever-better motorsports-bred cars.

GRMN Yaris

The development of the GRMN Yaris began with the desire of Morizo, president Toyoda to "deliver cars to customers that evolve quickly and can be tailored to individuals like in the field of motorsports". In addition to having refined the vehicle together with professional drivers as a fully tuned model of the GR Yaris, a new program is to be activated that will deliver to customers the type of daily vehicle evolution and driver-tailored customization that takes place in motorsports.
For further details about the GRMN Yaris, please visit the following page:

bZ4X GR Sport Concept

Based on the bZ4X dedicated battery EV, the bZ4X GR Sport Concept delivers an elevated level of environmental performance and driving pleasure. Large-diameter tires, sports seats, and matte black exterior body panels are among the highlights of this concept vehicle.
Lexus/Pathfinder Air #racing 1/3 scale model of air race aircraft
NX PHEV Offroad Concept and ROV Concept

Lexus will display a one-third scale model of the Zivko Edge 540 V3 air race aircraft that Yoshihide Muroya of Lexus/Pathfinder Air #racing will pilot in the Air Race World Championship to be held this year. Also joining the exhibit are the NX PHEV Offroad Concept and the ROV Concept―two concept vehicles that embody the brand's aspirations to realize a carbon-neutral society, expand customers' choices and lifestyles, and provide new values that exceed customers' expectations.
For further details about the NX PHEV Offroad Concept and the ROV Concept, please visit the following page:

GR Heritage Parts Project
To respond to customers' desires to keep their beloved and memory-rich cars of yesteryear on the road, the GR Heritage Parts Project aims to reproduce discontinued replacement parts for sale as new genuine parts. On display at the show is a selection of reproduced parts slated for release in 2022 for the A70 Supra, A80 Supra, Toyota 2000GT, Land Cruiser 40 series, and AE86 Corolla
Levin/Sprinter Trueno.
TGR exhibits at Tokyo #auto Salon 2022

*1 A customized car event held at the Makuhari Messe convention center (in #chiba City) for three days from January 14 to January 16, 2022 (January 14: Open to the media and industry insiders, January 15-16: Open to the public).
*2 "GRMN Yaris" is used for marketing purposes; the name used in vehicle registration, etc., is "GR Yaris GRMN".
*3 "ROV" is short for "recreational off-highway vehicle". This concept vehicle aims to realize lifestyles in which people can enjoy driving in harmony with nature by getting into places that cannot be accessed by off-road vehicles and getting in touch with nature while enjoying the ROV's responsiveness as well as sounds that stimulate the five senses.

Online programs (available on YouTube) The following are scheduled to be broadcast during #tokyoautosalon2022 and can be viewed via their accompanying URLs, which can also be used to access archived videos after the conclusion of each program. (Only the TGR press briefing will be available in both Japanese and English; other sessions will be in Japanese only.)

<TOYOTA GAZOO #racing press briefing>

Friday, January 14

<Tokyo #auto Salon drivers' talk session "The Future of Motorsports From the Perspective of Race Drivers" (pre-event)Saturday, January 15> Friday, January 14

<Tokyo #auto Salon drivers' talk session "The Future of Motorsports From the Perspective of Race Drivers"Saturday, January 15>

<Tokyo #auto Salon drivers' talk session "The Future of Motorsports From the Perspective of Race Drivers"Sunday, January 16>

Information about the exhibited vehicles and the TGR exhibition booth is available on the TGR website. For further details, please visit the following page (in Japanese only)

TGR is operating its exhibition booth with the utmost care toward preventing the spread of COVID-19. It apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and asks for visitors' understanding and cooperation.

Toyota Motor Corporation works to develop and manufacture innovative, safe and high-quality products and services that create happiness by providing mobility for all. We believe that true achievement comes from supporting our customers, partners, employees, and the communities in which we operate. Since our founding over 80 years ago in 1937, we have applied our Guiding Principles in pursuit of a safer, greener and more inclusive society. Today, as we transform into a mobility company developing connected, automated, shared and electrified technologies, we also remain true to our Guiding Principles and many of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to help realize an ever-better world, where everyone is free to move.

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