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novembre 22, 2022 - Silkway Rally

Over 300 Million People Followed 2022 Silk Way Rally

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The #silkwayrally Directorate offers a look behind the scenes and learn more about the work of journalists during the rally-raid competitions
The #silkwayrally has been one of the largest and most notable events in terms of rally-raids for many years; it regularly attracts the attention of sports fans from all over the world. Every year dozens of journalists working in various media, from specialized sports and #automotive web portals to federal news agencies, set off on a journey of thousands of kilometers along with the #rally caravan to share news from the thick of things.Today we are telling you how the work of journalists at the #silkwayrally is arranged.

Journalists have their own competitionFor the media representatives, as for the drivers and team representatives, the #rally begins with the submission of an application for accreditation. Each journalist is obliged to provide a package of documents and an editorial task, and only after that they will be accredited – they will receive a bivouac pass and a special distinctive vest for work; it is forbidden to appear near the #rally track without it.

Motorsport, like all technical sports, cannot be absolutely safe, therefore certain requirements are imposed on journalists at the #silkwayrally. Before the #rally start each media representative receives clear instructions at the briefing that allow them to eliminate unnecessary risks when working at a competition replete with all types of sports vehicles, learn about safety procedures and organize their work and lives so as to be in time everywhere without interfering with the competing crews to comply individual movement schedule – time of stops for communication with the media in the interview area is strictly limited for the drivers and riders.

Only after passing all the pre-start inspections, the media crew has the right to stick registration numbers on their car, as well as install GPS tracking devices in order to follow the sportsmans, sometimes even ahead of the crews at the finish line! The #rally Directorate keeps records of the movement of all vehicles during the competition. And although journalists are prohibited from directly assisting crews in a difficult situation, media representatives can, for example, transfer the exact coordinates and information about the incident to the competition headquarters to help the Sports Directorate decide whether intervention of special services is required.

Despite the beauty of landscapes surrounding the track, the media teams do not have much time to enjoy them – to work at the race it is necessary to comprehend the sports program and follow a fixed movement schedule, otherwise you may simply not have time to prepare the story. On the days of the #rally, the media representatives leave the bivouac before the start of the competing crews, trying to meet them at the viewpoints on the track – for the sake of a beautiful shot and the opportunity to capture moments of the struggle with impassibility – or to be in time for the interview area at the finish line to get first-hand impressions, because the route along the special stage can be much shorter than the journey from the bivouac to the finish line on public roads. 

In a sense, journalists at the International #silkwayrally have their own race against time, which, like the main competition, requires attentiveness, composure, endurance and a creative approach. However, all the difficulties are worth it, because they allow us to convey the course of the struggle on the track exactly as it is – at the limit of the capabilities of vehicles and drivers. 

Day at the Silk Way RallyA journalist's day at the #silkwayrally starts long before dawn: they need to pack up a tent (yes, media representatives can bivouac overnight, like most sports teams!), personnel and filming equipment quickly and put everything into the car. Journalists must equip and use their own cars that meet the safety requirements for the #rally or the Organizers can provide them with seats in the Media cars – it all depends on the type of accreditation chosen.

Unlike competitors who receive a Road Book with a description of the special stage features, media crews know only the geographical coordinates of the leg finish and the route of approaches to viewpoints near the track where the drivers need to move. Those who listened carefully at the pre-start briefing will definitely be able to deal with navigational equipment. However, a journalist unaccustomed to working with maps and GPS equipment can get lost on the way to a photo point or even get stuck on an unusual road surface – in the sands.

There is no threat in such incidents, except for the risk of being late for the finishing drivers – any passing car of the media or organizers will definitely come to the rescue. Mutual assistance on the track is a common unspoken rule of all people involved in motorsport. Any competing crew will be helped by another one: a motorcycle of a fragile girl that has fallen into a washboard will be lifted, a truck will help a car stuck in a sandy funnel.

The media area at the finish of the special stage is the most desirable place for journalists who write – drivers share their impressions of overcoming the track, and co-drivers talk about navigational tasks or unusual details of the route; at the same time photo and video journalists capture their emotions. The work also continues after returning to the bivouac, when the drivers handed over the vehicles to the mechanics and rested after a long struggle on the off-road – there is a time for a more detailed and balanced analysis of the events of the day.

Every evening the #rally Sports Directorate holds a briefing, where all competitors receive the first information about the upcoming special stage – the characteristic features of the next day's track; what the co-driver needs to pay attention to. All accredited journalists can attend the briefing at the #silkwayrally – information about the special stage will allow them to effectively plan the work for the next day. And then the media crew should go to sleep in order to regain strength and be ready to hit the road again, but someone is finishing the text of the future story and processing successful shots, others are completing the editing or handing over the story to the editors...

Media TeamIn 2022 a total of 309 media representatives were accredited at the International #silkwayrally, including film crews from federal Russian TV channels, radio, printed media, as well as journalists from news agencies, including the RIA Novosti Sport of Russia Today Media Group that turned out to be the most significant source of information covering the course of the competition – more than five million people followed the fight on the pages of the media.

Thanks to the tireless work of the media representatives, the flow of information and news releases about the #rally did not stop for almost a minute, and fans from anywhere in the world could learn in detail about everything that happens during the #event. A total of 5,451 reports about the #silkwayrally were published in the media during all days of the competition – stories about events on the track, interviews with drivers, co-drivers and bivouac staff, special reports and daily highlights for TV news, as well as video notes about travels to unusual places on the route were among them.

The 2023 #silkwayrally will be even brighter and more interesting, and competitors will find previously unthinkable tracks. It means that fan support and media interest will be even higher. As always, the 13th edition of the #rally will be more than just a #rally.

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