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gennaio 24, 2023 - Peugeot

PEUGEOT at the Retromobile Show 2023: Allure to the power of 4

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The #peugeot Brand will be showcasing a retrospective look at its "4 series” at the 2023 Retromobile,

 from the #peugeot 401 to the brand-new #peugeot 408. Models that have marked PEUGEOT’s history by their looks, their innovations and their performances.

  • ALLURE: The #peugeot "4 series" is in the spotlight at Retromobile 2023, from the #peugeot 401 to the #peugeot 408.
  • EMOTION: #peugeot is launching the celebrations for the 40th birthday of the #peugeot 205.
  • EXCELLENCE: Over 80 years of #peugeot Innovations on display at Retromobile.    

    he brand new #peugeot 408.

In 2022, #peugeot created a stir by unveiling the #peugeot 408, a fastback silhouette unique on the market that draws its inspiration from the great tradition of #automotive design.

Style and innovation have been a must for almost 90 years for all #peugeot models born under number “4”! The #peugeot 408, the latest in the line, is a reminder of this. #peugeot demonstrates the inventiveness of its teams by offering a fastback silhouette that is unique in the current car market at the pinnacle of the C segment. This new breed of #peugeot offers, in addition to its feline stance and exclusive appearance, the excellence of sophisticated engineering focused on efficiency, with intelligent electrification, with a focus on driving pleasure.

The designers and engineers who devised the #peugeot 408 have brilliantly taken up the torch carried since the beginning of the 20th century by their predecessors who, through seven generations of #peugeot "4 series", have never stopped innovating.

At Retromobile, the #peugeot brand will present six emblematic models from the #peugeot "4 series” alongside the brand new #peugeot 408.

  • The first model of the "4 series", the PEUGEOT 401 saloon (1934-1935) innovated with its independent front wheels, while the #peugeot 401 Eclipse (1935), the first production coupé-cabriolet, left its mark on #automotive history.
  • The #peugeot 402 (1938-1942) is remembered for its innovation: grouping the headlights behind the grille to streamline the design but also the aerodynamics, which was in its infancy.
  • The PEUGEOT 403 Cabriolet (1956-1961) was made famous in its cabriolet version by Inspector Columbo and is just one of the many variations of the 403 family (saloon, estate, van and pick-up), a huge commercial success.


  • The PEUGEOT 405 Mi16 Le Mans (1993) is a special series from the legendary 405 Mi16 to celebrate PEUGEOT's victory in the 1993 Le Mans 24 Hour race. It uses the 2-litre 16-valve 160bhp engine from the "normal" Mi16 and features leather/alcantara upholstery, 15-inch alloy wheels, etc.

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